INVITATION to art exhibition Being Alone Together opening June 6 in Hong Kong

The Trivial Matters,   Claire Lee,     Ink and charcoal on acid free paper, slate rock, wood, 24 x 30 x 3 inch

The Trivial Matters, Claire Lee, Ink and charcoal on acid free paper, slate rock, wood, 24 x 30 x 3 inch


Being Alone Together
6 June – 1 July 2019
Mixed Media Drawings / Photography / Poetry

OPENING RECEPTION* 6 June 2019 Thursday 5.00 – 8.00 p.m.
1/F 10 Shin Hing Street, Central, Hong Kong (Upstairs at Yoga BamBam)

In time alone, there are moments I perceive a strong connection, soul recognition and resonance to nature and other human beings. I recognise the feeling of being present in the moment and able to grasp what I did not notice before.

A clear day of quietness without any great ceremony. Sunlight softly falling through a linen curtain. I started to immerse my visions into details. Edges of wood beams, weaving lines on fabrics and fleeting shadows on the wall, all integrated into one until it lost sense of the space itself. I explored the inner depths of being alone and seeing things in an original way.

Through this series of mixed media artworks, I express the way being alone is for me. Solitude, which is different from loneliness, emerged as a strikingly visual entity as an aesthetic emotion. In my drawings and photos, I explored with charcoal and ink, clay and plaster, along with poetry to create a ‘spiritual landscape’ expressing a state of mind finding a harmonious place elevated from discordant reality and peacefully embracing one’s solitude in cognitive empathy.

Claire Lee
United Kingdom, 2019

This exhibition is curated and presented by the artist.

*New collection of poetry under the title POEMS ON SOLITUDE FROM 3 CITIES, will be launched at Opening night. Poems in English are written during time artist spent in London, New York and Stockholm between 2018 - 19.

Exhibition opens Wednesday to Saturday 12 – 7 pm Sunday & PH 12 – 4 pm 

Other hours by appointment only. Free admission for the public

Based in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, Claire Lee studied curatorial at the Hong Kong Art School. Her works, in a variety of mediums including drawing, painting, poetry and mixed media draw on subjects dealing with psychological struggles and personal strength. She offers in her poems and artworks a vision of a world of contrasts, expressing a spiritual strength and purity in times of pain. Her works have been featured in Taipei, Japan and museum in the United States, as well as Art Central in Hong Kong and local galleries.

一起孤單 Being Alone Together
李美蓮 Claire
混合媒體繪畫 / 攝影 / 詩

開幕夜* 2019年6月6日 週四 下午5時至晚上8時
香港中環善慶街10號1樓 ( Yoga BamBam 樓上 )




Claire Lee ,英國, 2019年 


*本次展覽將於開幕夜推出新英語詩集POEMS ON SOLITUDE FROM 3 CITIES。這系列的詩是藝術家2018 - 19年間在倫敦,紐約和斯德哥爾摩渡過的時間內了寫的。

展覽開放時間 週三至週六 下午12至7時 週日及公眾假期下午12至4時

視覺藝術家詩人李美蓮於香港藝術學院學習藝術策展。居住於香港及英國, 她的作品載體有繪畫、多媒體及攝影,熱衷於探究心理掙扎和個人力量的主題,詩集和作品充滿着世界的對比、反差、矛盾。美國的博物館曾把她的作品列入聯展,另也在台北聯展及香港的 Art Central 出展,以及畫廊和藝術空間舉辦個展。