Photography, Poetry and Drawings by Claire Lee 2018


Things have a life of their own. We wake their souls as they do ours.

Let the object reveal itself.

When looking at objects, I attend to fleeting thoughts at the edge of my consciousness. Letting sequences of images in my mind grow, dissolve, gather; adsorbing, evolving. Let object’s forms suggest the abstract rather than material association. Being alone working with material’s forms, layers and textures, I explored dimensions and qualities in my relationship with the world. The connection between these objects and myself reflects a sense of understanding. When I photographed them I transformed the objects into my own vision of human psyche. On each of the image there is a Chinese poem written by me. In solitude, I find solace from beauty in details, my mind stretches and extends to a wider vision. Being alone and immersing myself in the material, I experienced a sense of spiritual solidarity with other souls.

I called it togetherness in solitude.

Here is the documentation of the process of making >>>