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The Cuts

Claire Lee


Tears without feelings

A wisdom without knowledge

He lies down with a mindful presence

watching trees covered in scars

The cuts that are made by us.


Look at his life

How high

                 he leaped from here to there

and wandered through hearts from there

to here. He

jumped into the light through curtains

With debts to loneliness,

                he sold his soul to freedom.


He thought he found the One

It looked promising from a distance

But everything that he longed for

had space for only one person


Then he fled from one soul to another

Anger put hands palm down to push the land

He was amazed to see the ants

                           still hanging on to the end.


Fresh morning water and draping willow

The kind of love that he used to know

Don’t pull him out from the dark

Some birds never leave the nest

but feathers landed on his head

He touched and felt

the gentleness in the moment

Deep peace and grace are found in the toughest place

He put his arms around the tree

His heart was laid to rest.


We are alone together

Things that don’t move at all,

they interact with each other

The ointment tingles the wound

It hurts

                     because pain matters

therefore, we can touch each other

and that's all that matters.


Written in United Kingdom, 2019

By Claire Lee
London, New York, Stockholm
2018 -2019

My new poetry collection in English are written during my time spent in London, New York and Stockholm between 2018 - 19.

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